Center for Research and Promotion of National Greek Music (CRPNGM), being aware that many people do not have the capability to access the music knowledge by attending classes in a music school or with a teacher locally, is conducting online web-lessons of byzantine music and Hellenic folklore music instruments.

The following lessons are taught online in English:

Byzantine Music
Violins from all over Greece
Kanun (kanonion)
Cymbal (santoyri)
Lyres from all over Greece
Lutes from all over Greece
Saz (tampoyras)
Mandolin from Crete
Greek traditional clarinet (clarino)
Reed (flogera)
Greek traditional trumpet from Macedonia
Greek traditional saxophone from Macedonia
Bagpipes from all over Greece


The students, in order to have the capability of attending the web-lessons, have to have:

a DSL connection,
headphones or speakers and a microphone,
installed the skype software, that can be downloaded for free from the following link (

More info-Registration: